IndiBot IBRGC1
IndiBot IBRGC1

IndiBot IBRGC1

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IndiBOT IBRGC1, a real AI technology supported robot window cleaner. This robot plays more as a safeguard than a window cleaning robot when doing high-rise glass cleaning. It keeps you safer, saves your energy, and your time.


Smart and Efficient Cleaning

  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Efficiency due to artificial intelligence
  • Usage on different surfaces


Easy Operation

  • Button operation
  • Remote control within 15 metres
  • IndiBOT App for iOS and Android


A Safe Device

  • The IndiBOT IBRGC1 has an integrated uninterrupted power supply to run the device for 20 minutes in case of power failure. In case of falling down the robot is also fixed with a safety rope.